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Holographic Hitler Whips German Crowd into Frenzy

Adolf Hitler is back – and has regained a sizable following in Germany.

Appearing in holographic form at the site of one of his most infamous speeches in Nuremberg Monday, what was intended as a cautionary historical event turned into a boisterous rally as 3D Hitler inflamed the crowd into a frothing boil.

"We designed the hologram to remind people of the seductive power of evil, to revisit the mistakes of our past in order to not repeat them in the future," commented holographic Hitler creator Lars Shulz, "But I guess that sort of backfired."

Reportedly, what started as a small scattering of lunchtime onlookers soon swelled to completely fill Nuremberg's People's Park as Hitler's invective resonated with the chanting, saluting throngs.

Dieter Kohl, a member of Germany's Free Democratic Party who had stepped out to walk his dog before being swept up by the rally, remarked: "Hitler is right. Germany must take a look at itself and seek out which does not belong - like the communists and the Jews."

Acknowledging that his dog was by then missing, Kohl shouted, "Long live the National Socialist Movement! Long live Germany!"

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