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Trump Touts Ivanka's World Capitals IQ in Consideration of Her as UN Ambassador

Downplaying previous concerns over familial favoritism, Donald Trump reiterated today his opinion that his daughter Ivanka would make 'A dynamite' UN Ambassador.

"At the risk of sounding nepotistic, there would be nobody more competent to serve at the UN than Ivanka, and nepotism would have nothing to do with it," the President remarked. "There would be absolutely no nepotism."

Added Trump: "Now, of course if I actually appointed her, I'd be accused of nepotism, but that would not be true. Nepotism wouldn't have anything to do with it. Nepotism. Ivanka is very worldly. She knows probably half or more of the world's capitals, which is probably more than anybody else. The last thing she needs is nepotism, believe me."

Trump went on to describe his daughter's knowledge of foreign cities where their countries' national governments are located.

"Her office came with this old globe that she studies for hours," the president noted. "Yugoslavia, Cameroon, she can really rattle them off. Places nobody's ever heard before. Ask her the capital of anywhere in Europe or Africa and there's a good shot she'll know it."

"Czechoslovakia, Algeria, the Republic of Biafra, she'll know it," Trump went on. "It's incredible."

Trump later also noted his daughter's attractive appearance in promoting her resume for the UN.

"Everyone knows she's not just all brains. And that's not nepotism talking. My daughter is a real beauty, and let's face it, that General Assembly can use a pretty face or two," Trump said. "Seriously, I give a speech in that UN, and everywhere I look, from France to Cameroon to Yugoslavia, all I see is ugly. I mean, its like all these people got hit by a bus."

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