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Palestinian Evacuees Return to Find Neighborhood Now Jewish

Heeding a warning to evacuate his West Bank neighborhood ahead of Israeli airstrike late Sunday night, Sadiq Aboushi was shocked at what he found upon his return Monday afternoon.

Rather than bomb craters and rubble, he found a synagogue, delis, and where his own business had stood for nearly five decades, a bagel shop.

"For 47 years my family has baked babkas on Bar-llan street. Myself, my father, my father's father. I leave for 24 hours and now there is a man wearing a yarmulke telling me that it is a bagel shop, that it has always been a bagel shop, but this is not true," Aboushi said.

"I even found proof that the shop was ours," Aboushi continued. "Markings on the wall where my wife measured our sons Hammid and Samir. But this man in the yarmulke claims these initials are for his sons Herschel and Shlomo."

Aboushi's experience is reportedly not unique, as thousands of Palestinians have made similar complaints over the past two weeks.

"My family came home from an evacuation Thursday to find a man named Murray in our flat. He said he'd lived there for 12 years," Khalid Shaheen of Hebron recounted. "I tell you, these people are very sneaky."

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