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Angelina Jolie Calls for End to Violence in Iraq

The bloody civil unrest in Iraq must stop, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie stated yesterday.

Taking to Twitter, the Tomb Raider actress announced her disapproval of the latest wave of mass killings across the country, calling them "horrific".

"This slaughter is horrific. People must learn that nothing good can come from such atrocities. Stop the violence in Iraq!" Jolie wrote.

Jolie went on to support her argument with links to articles describing hardships associated with the Balkan civil war and the ongoing strife in Syria.

Jolie's latest campaign comes just weeks after she publicly condemned the practice of rape as a weapon of war, which she labeled "shameful".

"Sexual violence in conflict has nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with power," she said.

Many of Jolie's followers have also made use of social media to echo her demands.

"Theres nothing civil about war. Dont u people have anything better 2 do with your time?" wrote one supporter.

Commented another: "Rape is wrong. I mean really guys. Knock it off."

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