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Dozens Rally to Defend Statue of South Carolina Serial Killer Donald Henry Gaskins

CHARLESTON, SC - Dozens of South Carolinians rallied to protect a statue of serial killer Donald Henry Gaskins today after it was slated for removal by the local city council last night.

The statue, a knife-wielding 5'4" likeness of the diminutive man otherwise known as "The Hitchhacker" or "The Red Neck Charles Manson" for his sadistic slaying of as many as 100 people, has stood near the entrance of the city's main highway since the year of his execution by electric chair in 1991.

"The purpose of a statue isn't just to put someone on a pedestal for people to admire, but to teach us lessons. Like, for example, how you shouldn't get into a car late at night with a stranger," one protestor said.

Others attending the rally made similar arguments in favor of such controversial monuments.

"People who don't learn from history are probably going to repeat it," one man reasoned. "Its like these Confederate statues they want to get rid of. No one I know is racist, but you start taking down all the racist statues and people are just liable to forget and start doing some racist stuff again."

As of press time, a sibling of one of Gaskin's victims who went to speak with the protestors was being mocked and ridiculed.

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