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Lori Loughlin's Mother Arrested in Prison Admissions Plot

An arrest warrant for Lori Loughlin's mother Mabel was executed Saturday after the 81 year-old was caught trying to bribe officials into getting her daughter into Westlake Palms prison in Calabasas.

According to FBI spokesman Dale Palmer, the same who led the investigation that culminated in Loughlin's arrest on Tuesday, the elder Loughlin offered a judge and members of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office an array of enticements - including coupons and vouchers for meals and local attractions - in a bid to insure her daughter would spend any future sentence she may receive in the exclusive prison.

"The day after her daughter's arrest, Mrs. Loughlin was recorded attempting to bribe Los Angeles Deputy Attorney Antonio Vargas with a Groupon that would entitle him to a free entree at The Cheesecake Factory with the purchase of another entree of equal or higher value and two beverages," Palmer revealed.

"In addition, on that same day, Mrs. Loughlin offered Justice Monica Archuletta two passes to the San Diego Zoo - tickets Mrs. Loughlin claimed were especially valuable due to the new Africa Rocks Meerkat exhibit that opened there in January," Palmer said.

Los Angeles Sheriff Michael Robles emphasized the severity of Loughlin's crime, arguing that it was no less serious than those committed by her daughter and others charged in last week's "Varsity Blues" college cheating scandal.

"Westlake Palms is a highly prestigious minimum security prison whose inmates - the likes of which have included Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby - earned their admission by committing the most white collar of crimes," Robles remarked. "How should the family of some Wall Street executive convicted of tax fraud feel if they found out their son was sent to a prison without properly maintained tennis courts because this woman unfairly took their spot?"

Asked for comment after her first court appearance today, Loughlin was brief and to the point.

"Hey, it's Westlake Palms," she shrugged.

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