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Medicated Boy Calmly Shoots 12 Inside Sporting Goods Store

A medicated 16 year-old boy calmly strolled into a Dick's Sporting Goods in Tempe, Arizona and shot everyone inside this afternoon, killing 7 and wounding 5.

The shooter, Caleb Lynch of Tempe, was reportedly on a combination of Venlaflaxine and Methylphenidate, and was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

"He didn't seem the least bit upset while he was shooting everybody," recalled Dick's employee Ashley Davis, who was shot twice in the leg by Lynch. "He didn't appear angry or anxious or anything. He was totally calm."

According to his family and doctors, Lynch's demeanor inside the store was a marked improvement over his mental condition prior to starting his medication, during which time he was often moody and irritable.

Lynch's psychiatrist remarked: "Caleb was a normal, cheerful young man before reaching his mid-teens, at which time he became sullen and introverted after going through some girl trouble and discovering the band Joy Division."

Police indicate that Lynch's composure has not wavered since being taken into custody.

"For a mass murderer, the kid is extremely even-keeled," Tempe PD Detective Mike McReynolds noted. "We told him he'd probably be tried as an adult and executed, and he said that that was nice."

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