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Mexican Man Who Learned English from Donald Trump Not Intelligible

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of The United States in 2016, Eduardo Morales of Hermosillo, Mexico has dreamt of coming to America.

A staunch advocate of Trump's policies and avid follower of his Twitter feed, Morales has dedicated the last two-and-a-half years to taking his first steps towards becoming a US citizen "the right way" - including learning English from none other than the President himself.

"Every day I study his interviews and Twitter posts. I figure who better to learn from than the great leader of the US?" Morales remarked in Spanish before switching to English.

"That, this - you know, everybody knows - America what where is the most terrific country," he said carefully.

"Who said that. That's what," added Morales.

Touting his own individuality and 'belief in personal freedom', Morales says he defies his fellow countrymen who oppose Trump or say that his English doesn't make any sense.

"If I don't make any sense, then Trump doesn't make sense, and that's impossible. He's the President," Morales said in his native language.

"Believe me, everyone is saying that is big league," Morales continued then in English. "Everyone knows it. Trump is covfefe. We that if because just that I this was."

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