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White Nationalists Accuse Google of Anti-Nazi Bias

Google is under fire from dozens of Aryan Nationalist and White Power organizations around the world who are accusing the net search company of harboring an anti-Nazi bias.

Collectively referring to the company as "Jewgle", the groups blame the purported prejudices of its employees for poor search result positioning of their websites as well as other discriminatory business practices they say limit their online profile.

"Type the words 'white power' or 'neo-Nazi' into a Jewgle search and all you'll see for pages and pages is negative stuff," one self-described White Nationalist complained.

"They don't show any of the positive things we do, like resisting the Jewish conspiracy to make BarackObama nigger king of America, or how homosexuals are infiltrating the agriculture business to spike gay chemicals into our kids' cafeteria food," the man said.

Other racists pointed at Google's practice of recognizing the birthdays of notable historical figures with honorary portraits on their search page as further proof of bias.

"Most weeks on Jewgle's homepage there's a picture of some black or Jew who invented the semi-conductor or cured polio or some s***, and yet every year April 20th comes and goes without any homage to Hitler. It's ridiculous," one man griped.

Asked for comment, Google replied, "Well, duh."

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