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Georgia Bans Two-Legged Voting in Fulton County

Voting on two legs will no longer be allowed in Fulton County, Georgia, per the latest amendment to the law passed by the state's Republican-dominated legislature.

The clause, which states: "Any ballot cast by any individual who has at any time while inside the polling place had bipedal contact with the floor of said place shall be considered null and void" appears to be yet another provision designed to hamper urban voters in the traditionally red state that went narrowly blue in 2020 - an assessment Georgia State Representative Barry Fleming (R) denies.

"We're only trying to make the voting process more fun, is all," Fleming claimed. "In fact, by letting people throw water balloons while they stand in line and making them hop because the floor is quicksand, we predict we will double our turnout, thereby expanding electoral participation."

Democratic leaders, who point to polling location changes as yet another form of voter suppression, disagree.

"Voters shouldn't have to hop on one leg outside some morgue or garbage dump for three hours while racist children spray them with water pistols," voting rights advocate Susan Marshall argued. "If that's not voter suppression, then I don't know what is."

Fleming however rebutted Marshall's statement, calling it "inaccurate and misinformed".

"First of all, you only have to hop while you're inside the polling site. Secondly, it's a wastewater treatment facility, not a garbage dump," he corrected.

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