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Gyms, Military Recruitment Centers Unaffected by Open Carry Movement

Despite the increasingly common phenomenon of individuals gathering in public places with semiautomatic rifles to promote Open Carry gun laws, no gym or military recruitment center in the nation has yet to be affected by the movement.

"I've seen these people on the news, but not in person," commented Justin Kelly, manager of a Phoenix-area 24 Hour Fitness Center, "I've yet to see any of our members come into the gym with a machine gun."

According to reports, Open Carry advocates have so far focused the majority of their protest power on franchise restaurants such as Applebee's, Golden Corral and Taco Bell, including one Steak 'n Shake in Dallas that has been the site of over three dozen demonstrations this month.

"They certainly have a fondness for the 2nd Amendment and bacon cheeseburgers," remarked one Applebee's waitress.

Staff Sergeant Lance Mitchell of the 2nd Marine Division confirmed that the recruiting office in which he works has yet to be visited by any Open Carry supporters.

Noted Mitchell: "It's a little ironic since the military is pretty much the one profession where you can openly carry these kinds of weapons, but then again you won't qualify if you weigh five thousand pounds. It's not like we can chopper soldiers into battle one at a time."

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