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"Polk" A Death Metal Off-Broadway Flop

"Polk", the most recent theatrical production to merge the biography of a historic American figure with modern musical styles, opened to a widely hostile reception at the Public Theater off-Broadway this weekend.

Adapting the life of 11th U.S. President James K. Polk to death metal music, the production has been described as "vile" and "abhorrent" by critics.

"Perhaps the only thing more revolting than the blood-drenched depiction of Mr. Polk's administration was the unintelligible and ear-splitting caterwauling of its actors," read one review.

Polk, a lifelong slaveholder and pro-slavery President who introduced the concept of Manifest Destiny in regards to Native American tribes and prosecuted the Mexican-American War with ruthless abandon, is portrayed raping and murdering hundreds of people of color throughout the show to a jolting, machine-gun paced soundtrack penned by members of Cannibal Corpse and Cradle of Filth.

"There is one particularly disturbing scene in which Polk decapitates every resident of a Mexican village and has sex with their neck holes," one show-goer described. "It was pretty disgusting."

Added the woman: "Also, the constant double bass drum was pretty jarring."

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