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Residents of Wehateniggersville Push Back Against Name Change

Facing a third consecutive decade of economic stagnation and negative population growth, members of the Chamber of Commerce of Wehateniggersville, Texas recently put to voters a proposal to change the town's name to something a little more business friendly.

Residents of the sleepy hamlet, whose moniker some say is racist, responded by rejecting the measure by a 9-1 margin among the nearly 3,000 who voted.

"It's not racist. That's baloney. It's just history. Wehateniggersville has been Wehateniggersville since my great-great grandpa helped plan the construction of this town one hundred and fifty years ago," Wehateniggersville local James Headley remarked. "We got nothing against niggers here."

Other Wehateniggersvillians echoed Headley's sentiments, including its lone African American resident, known around town as "Nigger Steve".

"I got no problem with the name," Nigger Steve said. "The name's not the problem here. It's all these wetbacks come in."

With the people of Wehateniggersville evidently intent on retaining their name, it remains to be seen whether other towns facing initiatives over similarly controversial names, towns such as Wereallyhateniggersville, Texas, Fuckfuckingniggersville, Tennessee, Lynchvilleandbylynchwemeanniggersville, West Virginia, and Wehateniggersanditsnotjustahistoricalnameville, Mississippi.

"That's ridiculous," one Wehateniggersanditsnotjustahistoricalnameville man scoffed over the idea his town's name is racist. "It's just a historical."

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