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Romney: "Not Too Fond Of Other 53%, Either"

In what political analysts all over the country are calling a major blunder, Mitt Romney said he "isn't too fond of the other 53%, either" during a private fundraiser in Fort Lauderdale last night.

The Republican presidential candidate's remarks seem to allude to other remarks he made during another fundraiser that were revealed last week in which he refers to 47% of the American population as freeloaders, and would thereby complete the dubious goal of alienating the entire country over the span of 9 days.

"I have to say, it doesn't look good for Mitt," said Politico's David Klein, "As of yesterday he still had a shot if he could capture 94% of those not belonging to that 47% he'd already offended, but now it looks like he might be down to hermits and masochists."

Romney, who says he wasn't aware that his address was being recorded, pulled no punches in his description of the "other 53%".

"Talk about a sense of entitlement, here's a group of people who drink their way through college and expect a six-figure salary for life. Gimme, gimme, gimme," Romney said.

Romney continued: "Of course I include myself amongst this bunch of assholes, but in a nation full of assholes, I believe myself qualified to serve as supreme asshole."

In the hours since his latest speaking gaffe, Romney's campaign has stopped buying advertising and has instead offered President Obama the $150 million left in their treasury to quit the race.

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