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Migrant Sleeper Cells Activating Throughout California's Central Valley

In the midst of President Trump's declared emergency over a southern border wall, sleeper cells of Hispanic day laborers have reportedly begun activating throughout California's Central Valley to perform work in the state's agricultural industry.

Largely dormant since the end of tangerine season in January, the swarms of able-bodied Latinos that have descended over the region in recent days is likely no coincidence, farmers say.

"It's the start strawberry season, so I'm not surprised," one anonymous farmer remarked. "Every year they come just in time for the harvest, pick all the berries for a cheap wage, then vanish again."

Other field operators corroborated the account, describing throngs of familiar faces that come and go with the harvest calendar.

"There's a Juan and few Jorges, and an Enrique, I think. And of course Pablo. Pablo is their leader," a farm owner outside Modesto described. "I don't know where they come from or what their story is, but you give them a few bucks and point them in the direction of a field full of crops and they'll do the rest."

The man went on to say that he wouldn't be opposed to hiring American, but that, "These guys basically just show up and do it all."

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