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Nation Disgusted, Excited Over Court Ordering Britney Spears to Play Super Bowl

Simultaneously excited and repulsed, many Americans are experiencing mixed feelings over a California court ruling siding with Britney Spears' conservatorship that will force her to perform at Super Bowl LVI.

"Personally, I was disgusted. What that poor girl has been put through, it's like slavery, you know? It's terrible," one fan reacted. "Though I'd really love to see her perform. I think it'll be a really great show."

Reportedly inked in last April, the deal between the NFL and Spears' team for her to play SB LVI will net her LLC a rumored $10 million.

"That's all her dad. What a dick. Seriously, I hope that guy dies," remarked another of Spears' supporters.

"That being said, I hope she gives a good performance," added the woman. "I hope, like, that she doesn't just go through the motions because she's all depressed or whatever."

Possibly anticipating the kind of skepticism the announcement has so far received, James Spears issued a statement this morning re-assuring fans that his daughter will give a spirited performance of some of her greatest hits during the Super Bowl's intermission.

"Trust me. Britney's gonna bring her 'A' game to the Big Game," Mr. Spears said. "Or else."

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