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Georgia Man Stands Ground Against Cunt Wife

MONROEVILLE, GA - A man who shot and killed his cunt wife may elude charges under Georgia's "stand your ground" law.

The woman, 47 year-old Darlene Goff, had been acting like a total fucking cunt the entire day and night of her death, her husband Keith says.

"She was busting my chops about everything from the water heater being broken to the time of day I drank my first beer," Goff recalled.

Though not armed when he opened fire, Mrs. Goff was reportedly shooting her mouth off and posed a grave threat to his person, Goff argues.

"That bitch could nag a man to death," he said.

Investigators have indicated Mrs. Goff unleashed a particularly annoying volley of bullcrap just before Mr. Goff shot her eight times in the head, chest and back.

"Evidently Mrs. Goff had just fallen through a hole in the couple's back porch and had launched into full harpy mode - while standing directly in front of the television, no less," Baldwin County Sheriff Mike Cobb reported, "Sounds to us she got what she was asking for."

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