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All COVID Patients Currently in LA County Hospitals Stupid

As the Delta variant continues it's rapid spread in Los Angeles, Dr. Leonard Vronsky says stupid people now account for all COVID-19 hospitalizations at county-run hospitals.

"To date, we have not had a single patient who has been vaccinated with either the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson vaccine," Dr. Vronsky, Director of LA County Health Services said Monday. "Every single patient we've admitted for COVID in the past six weeks is a complete idiot."

State and county data indicates that the highly contagious Delta variant is proliferating quickly among those who aren't too bright.

"These people aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. Absolutely none are rocket scientists. Neither are any brain surgeons, as records show that all of our brain surgeons have been vaccinated. Here's a group who've for months had access to a safe and effective way to not get a deadly virus that has killed 4 million people, and they say, 'I'll pass'."

According to a recent study, nearly 50% of Americans who say they won't get a COVID-19 vaccine are obese or morbidly obese, and over 30% smoke cigarettes.

"This bunch of valedictorians want to wait for all the data to come in. Not just about the COVID vaccines, but also for KFC, Jim Beam, Marlboro Lights, and so on," Vronsky said.

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