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Facebook Report: Pro-Vaccine Propaganda Linked to Transsexual Fish-People

Transsexual fish-people could be behind much of the pro-vaccine propaganda currently circulating throughout the mainstream media, a disturbing new report on Facebook claims.

Published by Real Medical News Monthly, the watchdog group of actual scientists is warning parents of a worldwide conspiracy tied to global vaccine programs that is harvesting the stem cells of children in order to advance classified research into the development of a new species of androgynous human capable of living underwater.

"In a world increasing with always more fear of climate change they are try to create new people higher suited to this background shift," Dr. Mike Jones remarked in the report. "By mixing cells of children killed randomly from vaccine poisoning they are combining them with DNA from the transexual clownfish to be accelerate man's march back into the sea."

Steve Clinton, a Medical and Fish Professional supported Jones's assertions, calling them "highly likely to be accurate."

"We know many fish are a sexual - that is they can be either male or female it depends on there situation," Clinton wrote. "The question of how many children are receiving the deadly vaccine instead of the usual one in order so they can take their stem cells for this is highly nervous. One in one hundred? Maybe more."

"And then, what are the probability your kid gets measles or mumps? One in a million? Probably less," Clinton followed. "And it is probably still better than being a gay fish? Many agree yes."

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