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Maskless Trump Can't Remember Why He Summoned Cabinet to Hospital Room

Despite still being in the critical stages of his fight against a COVID-19 infection, President Trump summoned his cabinet and various other staff to his hospital room at Walter Reed Medical Center this morning for an emergency meeting, before forgetting what it was he wanted to discuss.

Maskless and coughing, the President reportedly held the twenty-plus officials and advisors who had not yet tested positive for the coronavirus themselves in the five hundred square-foot space for over half an hour while he tried to recall what he had assembled them for.

"Something to do with the Supreme Court thing? No, that wasn't it," he gasped. "Black lives matter protests? Schools re-opening? No..."

"Closing urban polling places? Cancelling the mail? Yes, but no..." he continued."That we should all maybe start wearing masks? No, that wasn't it either."


Interrupting the meeting briefly to take some oxygen, Trump eventually fell asleep.

"He sent an inter-office memo around noon prohibiting any more canteloupe on Air Force One, so maybe that was it," Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao later updated.

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