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Trump Clones Could Extend Trump Administration Decades, WH Reassures

The White House announced today that the first of several planned clones of Donald Trump has been generated, a first step towards enabling his administration to extend decades, if not centuries.

"Everyone is very excited for the President to serve at least another hundred years, but should the unthinkable happen, we want to allay the people's fears by letting them know that there will be backup Trumps at the ready," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated.

Calling the first clone Trump "perfectly capable", Sanders reinforced her message by revealing that, unbeknownst to the public, that it had actually substituted for the primary POTUS in recent days, including at a press conference Friday during which it destroyed its podium with its bare hands before smashing through a wall mere feet away from a door.

"Clone Trump is not only virtually indistinguishable from the President, but it is completely housebroken and can tweet at a fifth grade level," its creator Dr. Frank N. Smith boasted.

"A true scientific marvel, clone Trump could run the country for another forty years even while consuming ten cheeseburgers a day," Smith said.

As of press time, clone Trump had just tweeted its first derogatory remark of Joe Biden, calling the ex-Vice President, "Bad".

"You would not beleive!" it added.

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