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Trump's Disrespect of Paralympians Still Somehow Resonates with Base

Remarks made by the President earlier this week disparaging paralympic athletes have actually reinforced his standing among those who support him, once again confounding the expectations of the rest of the country, a new pair of polls show.

Trump, who referred to footage of America's handicapped athletes, "A little tough to watch," apparently struck another chord with his base, 82% of whom responded highly favorably to his words.

"It is hard to watch. Someone getting a gold medal for long jumping ten feet is ridiculous. Even if they do have spina bifida," remarked one able-bodied Trump-backer. "It's weird. Also, why should they get all the best parking spots and bathroom stalls? That's special treatment. That's not what America is about."

Privileges afforded unilaterally to the handicapped was a commonly cited reason for respondents' negative opinion of the disabled, according to the first poll.

"The r*****s are taking our jobs," one man claimed. "I had a job at Home Depot and they took it and gave it to a god damned r*****."

Meanwhile, those comprising the majority of the second poll are reportedly stunned.

"Wow," one woman said. "Just. Wow."

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