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Poll: 44% of Adult-Age Americans Still Believe in Santa

Three years after a national poll found that 46% of Americans believed in Santa Claus, a new survey shows that a similar number continues to have faith in the (not so jolly) fat man in the White House.

According to the numbers, 44% of Americans still believe, including 88% of Republicans.

"Santa said that if we were good and believed in him that he'd make us rich, and I believe him," Phillip Allison, a 52 year-old Uber driver from Barboursville, West Virginia remarked. "Take his tax cuts, for example. I got a $24 refund last year."

Despite the steady level of credence Santa continues to receive from conservatives, less than 12% of registered Democrats say they believe in him - a number Republican Congressman Devin Nunez says doesn't surprise him.

"Liberals only think with their heads. Never their hearts," Nunez said. "They have no sense of magic."

Added Nunez: "As for me, I'll never stop believing in Santa. There's just something comforting about the idea of having a singular, all-powerful man in charge of your life."

Santa, who was recently accused by some naughty boys and girls in the House of Representatives of abusing the power of his office and obstructing Congress, is expected to be acquitted by the Senate, the majority of which remains nice.

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