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Girl Tweets Own Mother's Death

RIVERSIDE, CA - A 16 year-old girl tweeted while her mother lay dying of cardiac arrest yesterday, local police reported.

"OMG my mom just fell," Avery Whelan first Tweeted at 9:24 am Saturday morning.

She followed shortly after with, "Shes all twitching & stuff. 2 Scary!"

Whelan's tweets describing her mother's death spanned 25 minutes, and were made in lieu of attempting to offer any assistance or calling for help, authorities said.

At 9:27 Whelan tweeted, "Moms totally turning blu. Hope she dsnt die." At 9:30 she wrote: "Moms foaming @ the mouth & flopping around like a fish."

"Lame!" she added two minutes later.

Whelan, who had 54 followers prior to her mother's heart attack, added 5 more during the course of her mom's death throes – one of whom offered her sympathies after Whelan wrote that her mother was "#dead :(".

"Sux," tweeted Sweetberry21.

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