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Alternate Critical Race Theory Contends that Blacks Enslaved Whites

Amplifying the discord surrounding critical race theory - the doctrine that holds that America's legal framework is biased against black people and other minorities - an alternate theory arguing that it's actually the other way around has started to be pushed by white people who don't want to hear about it.

"Since first invading our shores in the 1600s, black people have deceived and intimidated the native whites to do their bidding, and this 'Critical Race Theory' is just another example," American Heritage Defense Project Founder Russell Frye argued.

"Created to trick whites into surrendering more of what little power they still have, this theory actually contends that it's white people who have mistreated the blacks, which is preposterous," asserted Frye.

Frye, who has called Critical Race Theory a means to reinforce black supremacy, contends that it was actually European Americans who were held in bondage by their "scary" African counterparts.

"For hundreds of years, whites were saddled with the financial and supervisory responsibilities of business while the blacks enjoyed the leisurely roles of manual labor," he said. "And when we finally threw off those shackles of slavery, they heaved the yoke of Jim Crow upon our shoulders - laws that allowed blacks to continue their carefree lives of unbothered toil for transgressions as trivial as merely looking at a white woman."

"How terribly convenient. But not convenient enough, apparently, as now we have Critical Race Theory," Frye remarked.

Frye conceded that, given America's current social and political landscape, he'd be lucky to see the nation's laws return to those that prevailed during the antebellum years prior to 1861.

"It would still be far from perfect, but we'd take it," he said.

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