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White Supremacist Family Loses Big on Family Feud

White supremacy evidently doesn't apply to Family Feud, judging from one racist family's performance on the popular game show.

Appearing incognito in full Ku Klux Klan regalia, the "Smiths" of Stone Wall, Georgia reportedly didn't manage to bank a single point during a 452-0 loss to an African American family from Atlanta during the taping of the program Thursday.

"Interesting Family Feud episode coming soon. KKK family didn't get a single answer right," one audience member tweeted after the recording of the show.

"KKK Dude just said, 'niggers' for first Feud survey question: 'Name a reason someone might close their car window?'" the same man tweeted earlier during the show. "Steve Harvey almost beat his ass."

According to other members of the audience, the Smiths, who played every round as a result of a strategy employed by the other family to pass after winning every face-off, made similarly racist responses throughout the show.

"They didn't get a match a single answer," one woman said. "One of the questions was, 'Name something about their jobs people hate?', and they go down one, two, three with, 'niggers', 'Jews,' and then, from this one named Meemaw who I guess was the less racist grandma, 'coming in on weekends'."

The Smiths, who reportedly left the stage with a flurry of white power salutes, later took to social media to claim the game was, "Nigger-rigged."

"Just got robed (sic) on Family Fued (sic). Just like a bunch of niggers to steal every round!" family patriarch Gerald Fletcher wrote on Facebook. "Aint no way somone (sic) aint closing there (sic) car window when they see no niger (sic) comin (sic)!"

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