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Obama Makes Photoshopped Tour of Africa

President Obama thrilled the citizens of dozens of impoverished, war-torn nations in Africa by making an unannounced photoshopped tour of the continent Sunday.

Though well aware that Obama never set foot on the continent – a fact made more evident by the casual, haphazard workmanship of the doctored photos – Africans reportedly took solace from the token gesture of the President’s fake visit in lieu of the prospect of an actual one sometime in the future.

"Disheartened as I was by the rising infant mortality rates in Sierra Leone and the absence of anything resembling a functional, civilized society in Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and so many others, there are certainly a few pixels of light emanating from the so-called dark continent," remarked Obama, who also dedicated a portion of his weekend to reviewing recent current events and the Wikipedia pages associated with some of the countries he made virtual tours of.

"For example, Malawi has increased production of its chief export, cattle, by 3% since 1998. That’s fantastic," said Obama.

Ghanaian President John Atta Mills, a picture of whom was manipulated by an apparently overworked or technically hampered Obama staffer to appear as if he had met the iconic American leader, called the encounter, "Hypothetically the most exciting moment of my political career."

Obama, who went on a virtual safari through the sub-Sahara that took him to several web pages containing photos of such breathtaking sights as Victoria Falls and the Virunga Mountain rain forests, praised the naturally beautiful, yet socially unstable and HIV-ridden land to be, "Gorgeous, a little like Hawaii."

Despite the warm reception Obama’s electronically fabricated trip has received from African leaders, some of his domestic opponents have taken him to task, asking why he wouldn’t visit the same countries in person that his photoshopped image did.

"Why don’t you?" the President retorted.  
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