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Andrew Yang: "I Was Also Molested"

Andrew Yang, the husband of sexual abuse survivor Evelyn Yang, revealed today that he was also molested at one time.

Yang, who made his disclosure this morning on Twitter, has since offered scant details of the assault with any of the major media outlets his revelation has garnered him attention from.

"It was just some guy. I don't know," Yang told CNN's Wolf Blitzer this afternoon on The Situation Room - before changing the topic to one related to his candidacy for President.

"I'd rather focus on the future. For example, how the American workforce can address the challenges of an increasingly automated economy," he dissembled.

Likewise, Yang told Meghan McCain during a satellite interview on The View that, "He didn't want to talk about that," when she inquired whether his abuse involved either digital or oral penetration, remarking then that, "It was bad, but still not nearly as bad as the consequences of climate change if we don't start doing something about it right now."

Yang, who is scheduled to appear on Rachel Maddow tonight and Good Morning America tomorrow, has still yet to reveal the identity of his assailant.

"Yeah, maybe I will if I can remember. It was sort of a long time ago," he said.

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