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Woody Allen Film "Blue Jasmine" Crushes "The Wolverine" at Box Office

Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine" dominated this weekend's box office, raking in $82.5 million en route to crushing Hugh Jackman's latest superhero pic "The Wolverine", which brought in a disappointing $3.2 million.

Quintessential summer season faire, Blue Jasmine has resonated strongly with audiences all over the country.

"I just want to watch a movie where you don't really have to think too much," remarked one cinema patron, "Wolverine looked too complicated. It seemed like there were a lot of characters doing a lot of stuff - running and jumping and all kinds of stuff."

Blue Jasmine, Allen's 44th film, stars Alec Baldwin as a man contemplating what to have for lunch while waiting for a friend to call him back about a pair of sunglasses.

Commented another movie-goer: "I thought it was really... great. I liked how it makes you think he was just going to get a sandwich, or maybe pizza. Only in the end he ends up going for Chinese, and the restaurant is called 'Blue Jasmine', and you're like, 'oh, wow'."

Critics have also lavished Blue Jasmine with praise.

Wrote Tim Buckley of the Bismarck Daily News: "Woody Allen's latest is literally like staring at a wall. Four stars!"

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