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Joe Rogan Guest Denies Existence of Diabetes

Already facing condemnation for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and its vaccines, podcaster Joe Rogan sparked new controversy today for lending his platform to a man claiming diabetes is not a real disease.

Speaking on the "Joe Rogan Experience" Tuesday, Digital Marketing Consultant Eddie Guyton promoted his theory that the metabolic disorder affecting hundreds of millions worldwide is a product of mass-hysteria fueled by pharmaceutical companies.

"Everywhere you look – you turn on your TV, you go to the doctor's office – its diabetes this and diabetes that. We all know its fake, right?" Guyton remarked.

"I mean, 'blood glucose'? 'Insulin resistance'? What is that? They make up these crazy terms so you think you have a real disease when really it's all about big pharma lining their pockets."

Guyton, who revealed during the interview that his own doctor told him he had diabetes two years ago, urged Americans to not buy into the 'big blood sugar scam'.

"Ketoacidosis. That's another term they might throw at you. It's what they told me I had after I hit my head falling down some stairs," he said.

"But it's all b***s***. The medical corporations and big health food are in cahoots with big exercise to sell more broccoli and barbells," Guyton claimed. "Whatever. I say do what you want, eat what you want. You'll be fine."

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