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Tennessee Law Bars Woman from Aborting Own Grandson/Nephew

29-year-old Blake Conner of Jesup, Tennessee is due next month to give birth to her own grandson, her second son conceived by sexual assault after her first started raping her last year.

Restricted by a lack of resources from ending the pregnancy of her first son and most recent attacker, her half-brother sired by her father's sexual abuse of her when she was fifteen, Conner has since been barred from obtaining an abortion of her grandson/son/nephew by state law.

"All life is precious and deserves the chance to thrive, no matter how small that chance may be," Tennessee State Senator Clark McGraw remarked in reference to cases like Conner's, whose baby's oversized head due to a chromosomal disorder will probably take her life - a likelihood she seems to be taking in stride.

"On the bright side, at least I won't live to one day be forced to give birth to my own great-grandkid slash nephew, niece, cousin or whatever-the-fuck," Conner quipped.

Meanwhile, the baby's father Liam, who was reportedly once indifferent to whether his sister/mother kept his child, has since come around to its arrival after discovering he stands to inherit the estimated nearly $500 value of his sister/mother's estate.

Asked what he plans to do with his inheritance, the boy shrugged and grunted, merely, "rape".

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