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Congress Fights Pentagon Plan to Cut Zeppelin Funding World's Children to Malala: "Enough Already"
Pope Francis Urges Congress to Kill Themselves
Communist Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on Thanksgiving
Modernized Version of War and Peace Less Long, Boring
Can Super 8 be Converted to DVD
9 Dead After Cops Mistake White Shooter's Yellow Gun for Banana
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Gitmo Prisoner One Butt Fucking Away from Revealing Key Intel
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Ted Cruz Replaces Daughter for Presidential Campaign Run
Charlotte Zoo Encouraging Patrons to Harass Gay Penguins
Local Hero Probably Some Kind of Sex Freak
Fighting back against Pentagon plans to slim the nation's defense budget, a group of congressmen led by Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., are warning the Obama Administration against scrapping the Army's fleet of battle zeppelins. Arguing in favor of the hydrogen-filled, rigid airship's versatility as both a bomber and reconnaissance dirigible, Inhofe says deflating America's blimps could have grave consequences. Zeppelins have... (More)
Report: 1.2 Billion Children Starving for Content
Fox to Launch Fox Kids News Channel for Pedophiles

Have I Mentioned Yet that My Parents Are Illiterate Shit for Brains? - By: Ted Cruz - You might assume from my presidential candidacy and position in the US Senate that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Not so. I come from very humble beginnings. In fact... (More)
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Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Love Thyself - Unless Thy Neighbor is a Fag - By: Jerry Wallingford - As commanded by the books of Moses and recorded in Mark 12:28-34, I believe that one should love thy neighbor as thy love thyself, unless of course thy neighbor is a fag... (More)

Kochs Offset Gates Foundation with $550 Billion Donation to Evil

Teen Corner - With: Former Soviet Red Army General Uri Pavlovich - Regarded as the most astute of any former Soviet Red Army General on issues concerning contemporary American teenagers, Uri Pavlovich's constructive insights are an invaluable resource. To solicit General Pavlovich's peerless advice... (More)

Man Protesting Death of Man Beaten to Death by Police Beaten to Death by Police

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