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Study: Childhood Exposure to Drag Shows Linked to Increased Sass-Mouth

New research has linked exposure to drag queen performances with increased sass-mouth in children.

The study, sponsored by the Crossville Concerned Citizens Coalition, showed that kids who had recently attended a cross-dressing exhibition were more than twice as likely to demonstrate rude or even insulting behavior towards their parents.

"My 14 year-old daughter went to a drag queen brunch in Nashville, and she was very cheeky afterward," one mother complained. "She complimented a handbag I'd recently purchased, then asked if I got it at the swap meet. Later, she asked me whether Michael J. Fox was accepting any more new clients at his hair salon."

Countering the argument that drag shows are a benign form of entertainment that has been around for centuries, the new findings bolster the Volunteer State’s justifications for banning them in public places.

"Everyone knows about the grooming threat that drag shows present. That the sight of a man dressing in women's clothing can turn an otherwise heterosexual boy gay. What this study sheds light on are some of the other dangerous aspects. The flippant-ness. The sass-mouth. The downright meanness that kids pick up at these so-called performances," another mother remarked.

"My son, for instance," the woman went on. "He looked at an outfit I had on yesterday and said he 'didn't know we were still rockin’ joggers'. And that he had no idea TJ Maxx sold such ugly clothes."

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