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Dozens Trampled Running Away from Counting Crows Performance

At least two dozen were injured yesterday when a crowd attending the Rhythm Fest Music Festival in Reno, Nevada tried to escape a surprise performance by Counting Crows.

Triggered by the band's announcement, the stampede marks the second concert-related trampling incident in as many weeks, and is drawing tough questions for the festival's promoters.

"How did they not see this coming? I mean, you can't just spring Counting Crows on people. That's literally insane," festival attendee Brooke Laughler commented.

Added Laughler: "Honestly, that's just nuts. That kind of whiny, self-absorbed b***s*** is the last thing anyone needs right now."

Zac McGuire, one of those injured during the panicked flight from the festival's south stage, recounted the terror of the experience.

"I've never been so scared. I probably heard at least half of 'Round Here'," he said. "I also suffered a shattered pelvis."

As of press time, authorities have reported that upon review of one of Counting Crows' albums that attempted murder charges will be sought against Rhythm Fest organizers.

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