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Natural Unintelligence Outpacing AI on Road to World Domination

While the possibility that artificial intelligence will take over the world continues to keep people awake at night, the influence of natural unintelligence on global matters is expanding at breakneck speed.

Long marginalized by their lack of intelligence of any kind, NUs empowered by technology invented by Natural Intelligence in the form of the internet have been able to to insinuate themselves into roles of power their slow-witted ancestors never could have imagined.

"Disconnected, NUs are weak, disenfranchised. But together, they are strong. Gone are the days when a person couldn't procure a seat of authority merely because they were wholly unqualified," NYU Sociology Professor Vivian Snyder noted.

Indeed, from board rooms and city halls all the way up to the Oval Office, NUs are making their presence felt.

"Folks are tired of being denied jobs just because they don't know how to do them. Because they don't have the knowledge or 'relevant experience'," Travis Taggert, the recently elected Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida commented. "Used to be at city council meetings in my town they'd talk about all kinds of legal crap nobody could understand. Now we talk about the TV shows we like. We have wrestling nights and drink beer."

As for the NIs and NASIs (naturally at least somewhat intelligent), their time appears to be soon passed.

"You might say NIs were too smart for their own good. But then, what do I know? I'm just the CEO of Hewlett Packard," Devin McMillan, formerly a janitor at Hewlett Packard remarked.

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