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New Louisiana Law Prohibits Woman from Aborting Alien Rape Fetus

When 45-year-old Ellen woke up in a soybean field after spending 36 hours aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft, she had no idea that her nightmare was actually just beginning.

According to Louisiana native and mother of three, the true terror began a month later when she found out that she was pregnant in a state that has essentially banned all abortions.

"My suspicions were confirmed after my first sonogram when lab tests proved that my baby is half Targzissian, a malevolent reptilian species of alien from the Triangulum Galaxy," she said.

Even worse, Ellen discovered that newly imposed restrictions on abortion passed by the Louisiana House of Representatives and approved by its Supreme Court would still prohibit her from terminating her pregnancy, despite its half-alien make-up and evil intentions.

"It didn't matter that I was inseminated against my will or that the alien spawn, upon completion of its gestation period, would tear its way through my abdomen, killing me in a gruesome fashion. All the state of Louisiana cares about is that my Targzissian baby is born," she said.

Ellen, not her real name, has since set up a GoFundMe page to pay for expenses to travel to Illinois to have her alien baby aspirated from her womb and incinerated.

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