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Giuliani Seen Bleeding from Ear During CNN Interview

Health concerns have arisen for Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani after a slow trickle of blood was seen leaking from his ear during an interview on CNN this afternoon.

Giuliani, who has lately been busy trying to reconcile the complex and sometimes contradictory threads of the president's various scandals, was in the midst of arguing that remarks he made previously denying that there had been any collusion between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign didn't mean that nobody on the campaign ever colluded with the Russians when the blood first became visible.

"The President was not a member of the campaign in the sense I was describing and therefore could not have colluded as such as only members of the campaign colluded as members of the campaign," he remarked before, evidently feeling the blood, absently smeared it across his cheek with the back of his hand.

"It's nothing," he replied when show host Jake Tapper asked if he was all right. "I'm a good boy. I built Mommy a snowman."

Veering off topic, Giuliani then proceeded to describe his lunch.

"I had a lovely egg salad on whole wheat with some cole slaw," he said. "And the cole slaw had raisins in it."

"I ate it all up," Giuliani added.

Giuliani, who failed to respond with more than a blank stare and a distant grin to additional questions from Tapper regarding whether he could see or hear him, has reportedly been taken to a hospital for evaluation.

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