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Cash-Strapped Consumers Passing Costs onto Children

As rising inflation and supply chain snags continue to compel producers to squeeze consumers, consumers are increasingly passing those extra costs onto their children, a new report shows.

Constituting the third-to-last rung on the economic ladder above just pets and the elderly, children have seen their cash allowances decline for fourteen straight months, falling from an average of $8.74 per week in July of 2021 to just 12 cents currently.

"You can't buy nothing with a quarter," 11-year-old Trevor Torkelson of Rancho Cucamonga complained over his 25-cent weekly stipend. "No Legos, no Pokemon cards, not even a f****** fudgsicle. You can't get s***."

Not limited to just their allowances, kids are also feeling the pinch of their parents' cost cutting every time they open their closets and lunchboxes.

"My mom started doing her grocery shopping at Dollar Tree, so now I eat 'Munchables' and 'Prongles' for lunch," Emily Starks, 12, of Madison, Wisconsin remarked. "Also, some of my new clothes have scorch marks and blood stains."

Meanwhile, r egardless the cause of their hardships, kids are nearly unanimous over what their folks should do about them.

"Get another job," they say.

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