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Marjorie Greene Compares ADA's Daily Floss Recommendation to Stalin's Purges

One week after comparing requirements for members of Congress to wear masks on the chamber floor to the Holocaust, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green likened the American Dental Association's recommendation of flossing at least once a day with Stalin-era purges.

"I'm sorry, but is this not a free country? Did we lose a war?" Greene editorialized on the topic of dental hygiene during her latest appearance on The Christian Broadcasting Network this afternoon. "They want you to floss every day now? Or what, it's off to the gulags? Waterpik or pickaxe, it's your decision?"

Arguing that she has "better things to do with my mornings than drag a piece of string through my teeth" Greene doubled down on her dubious comparison.

"Not long before the Jews were being rounded up for not wearing masks, the kulaks were getting cattle-carred to Siberia for not brushing their teeth," she claimed. "It's history, people. Look it up."

"But this isn't Nazi Germany or communist Russia," Greene continued. "This is America, and we do whatever we want whenever we want!"

Asked for a reference to the history she was citing, a brick was later thrown through the reporter's window.

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