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Couple Shocked to be Wed, Divorced Alongside Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

The couple who was shocked to be getting married alongside Ben Aflleck and JLo in Vegas last week were just as astounded to find themselves sharing a divorce attorney's lobby with the same celebrity pair today.

Erika Betancourt, who instantly recognized Lopez for a second time the moment she walked into the Sign-N-Split in West Covina this morning, said she couldn’t believe her eyes - again.

"I mean, what are the chances? To share two major life events with Bennifer in like, 9 days? It's crazy," the 27-year teacher’s assistant said.

Concerned at first that they would be confused for stalkers, the Betancourts were soon surprised to be engaged in a casual conversation about the pitfalls of marriage with the famous duo.

"I was all, like, what were we thinking? And they both kind of laughed," Erika chuckled. "And before you know it, I Jennifer's telling me about how emotionally detached Ben is, and I’m going on about how my husband talks way too loud and has this annoying habit of tapping things like he's playing the drums even though he has no rhythm, and then Ben tells Jenn to shut up and my husband calls me the 'b' word and I smack him across the head."

Despite the firm's as-promised quick turn-around, Erika says the short time she's spent with Ben and Jennifer will be memories that last a lifetime.

"I'll cherish those moments forever," she said. "Unlike the sixteen months I've wasted on my former husband. That loser."

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