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How to Talk to Your Child About the President Being Crazy

Our kids are often more perceptive than we give them credit for, and as any parent raising a child in today's web connected world already knows, it's nearly impossible to shield them from the world's most unpleasant truths. The fact that the president of their country and the most powerful man in the world is literally, certifiably mentally ill, for example, can be a difficult topic to broach, but is one that is immensely important.

When talking to your child about the President's insanity, use simple, clear language. For example, "Yes, sweetheart, the President is insane." Don't dissemble or try to sugarcoat. President Trump is unequivocally psychotic, and your child is bound to realize this fact one way or the other. Be honest and direct. Then, give them a moment to reflect.

Listen and comfort. After fully processing the terrifying fact that there is a madman in the White House, your child is likely to have many questions, such as, "Can the President's brain be fixed?" and, "Are we all going to die?" Again, be honest and direct: "No, the President is totally bonkers," and, "Yes, we are all going to die."

(You may point out as a segue to another inevitable conversation about death that we are all bound to eventually die, and one consolation of potentially dying as a result of the president's insanity is that it would likely be quick and painless.)

Put emotions into words. Encourage your kids to say what they're thinking and feeling. Say things like, "I know you're very worried right now. I am too. We both loved America very much." Or, for practice, in Russian: "Я знаю, что ты очень волнуюсь сейчас. Я тоже. Мы оба очень любили Америку."

Tell your children what to expect. Again, don't mince words. We will all likely soon die. In case we don't however, tell your children that they can at least look forward to a short life gainfully employed in the coal mining industry.

If you voted for Trump, lie. Children need to be able to respect their parents.

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