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New Netflix Instant Bonus Features Gilmore Girls Totally Going At It

To celebrate the release of the entire Gilmore Girls series on Netflix Instant, Warner Brothers has released several new bonus scenes from the show, including one in which Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) totally go at it.

In the scene, Graham and Bledel, who play mother and daughter on the show, are watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang late at night when Lorelai complains of a sore back. Rory offers to give her a massage, which leads to much more. The two share a sensual, tongue-filled kiss as they slowly disrobe the other and start pushing their breasts together. Lorelai then spreads marshmallow creme onto Rory's vagina and licks it off, answering her daughter's soft sighs with her own moans of erotic pleasure. Rory then fucks Lorelai with a pickle.

"Next time we should invite Luke and Dean," Lorelai says as she bites into a Twizzlers.

Other bonus scenes feature Paris revealing her massive melons to Max Medina for an A on an English exam, Mrs. Kim blowing Taylor for a Sales and Use Permit, and Sookie scissoring with Miss Patty, which is actually pretty disgusting.

Viewers are warned that they may experience streaming issues while attempting to view the scenes, as the new features have reportedly caused a spike in traffic on Netflix that has the entertainment provider scrambling to add more bandwidth.

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