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Missing Grandmother Found Living Among the Indian's Casino

The Peterson family of Escondido, California was shocked to discover this week that their mother and grandmother Rosemary - who went missing from her nursing home in June - has been living amongst the local Indians' casino these past three months.

According to Alexis Peterson, she and her boyfriend spotted her 82 year-old nanna while spending the afternoon at the same casino Sunday.

"At first she tried hiding from us by ducking behind the Sex and the City slot she was playing, and then she claimed that she wasn't her, but a widower from Minnesota named Delores, but eventually we got her to admit that she was herself," Alexis recounted.

Appearing well fed from the Indian Casino's choice of three restaurants, snack bar and daily buffet - including an all you can eat crab legs offering on Saturdays - the elder Peterson made it clear with whom she'd prefer to live.

"I want to stay with the Indians," she said. "They have slots."

Peterson, who mentioned twice how she liked 'dressing up the ladies' during the bonus round of her favorite 'Sex in the City' slot, also cited the casino's superior food and entertainment options as reasons for wanting to stay.

"They'll serve you right at your machine. You don't even have to get up. Also, Perry Como Jr. played one night in the club and Kenny Loggins is coming next month," she said.

Added Peterson: "If I have to listen to that shitty group of Mormons sing 'Pick a Polka' one more time in that fucking nursing home I'm going to wrap that accordion around someone's neck."

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