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Grandmother Learns How To Share Vaguely Racist Observations on Twitter

82 Year-Old Abigail Pederson of Augusta Township, Ohio took another significant step into the 21st century this week when she learned how to share her vaguely racist observations on Twitter, her family reports.

"It's incredible. I never thought I'd see the day when my nanna started tweeting," Pederson's granddaughter Emily, 23, remarked. "It seems like just a few months ago that my dad finally got her onto email, and like it was yesterday that I had to follow up one email with another explaining how to open the html link to an article on the local brass band she likes that I sent her."

Her nanna's technological progress notwithstanding, her choice of subject matter for her first foray into the world of social media - a comment regarding the ethnicity of a new staff member at the retirement community in which she resides - drew some consternation.

"It read, simply, 'New nurse is a Mexican'," Emily quoted. "So... apparently nanna has a Mexican nurse now," she said. "Don't know what kind of relevance that has."

According to the younger Pederson, although her grandma's ambiguously bigoted comments are par for the course, she doesnt believe that her paternal grandmother is actually prejudiced.

"That's just grandma Abbie. She grew up in another time," Emily rationalized. "She still calls Asian Americans 'Orientals', for example, even though we've told her like a hundred times. And whenever Family Feud comes on, she always mentions how she 'liked the white host better'."

"I don't know, though," Pederson reconsidered a moment later. "Come to think of it, my nanna probably is racist."

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