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Saudis Revoke Ladies' Right to Drive after Woman Cited for Illegal Turn

Just one year after lifting a nationwide ban against women operating motor vehicles, the Saudi Arabian government is rescinding those privileges after a lady driver was observed making an illegal turn coming out of a shopping center in Riyadh Wednesday.

According to a spokesman for the royal family, Salem Al-Sahlawi, the female motorist appeared disoriented and confused regarding the country's traffic laws during an interview conducted by police at the scene.

"The woman indicated that she assumed the illegal left turn she was making was permissible by a lack of signage and any traffic coming in the other direction, which is absolutely wrong," Al-Sahlawi noted. "Fortunately in this case there were in fact no other motorists in the area and a terrible tragedy was averted."

Al-Sahlawi went on to point out that there have been several other examples of female drivers demonstrating their weakness behind the wheel since the kingdom liberalized it's laws, including a woman who was cited for driving with a broken tail light in the capital city and another who ran a red light in Medina.

"These incidents go to prove that, for all of their myriad virtues and beauty, women lack the necessary mental aptitude and hand-eye coordination to operate a motor vehicle safely," said Al-Sahlawi.

"Our women are our greatest treasures and need to be protected," Al-Sahlawi continued. "Which is why they should be kept at home or on a leash at all times."

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