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Trump-Endorsed Candidate Burns Own House Down

North Carolina Congressional hopeful Reid McCoy is facing some serious questions after the Fairfax City Councilman burned his house down this morning.

McCoy, former President Donald Trump's endorsee to represent the Tarheel State's 15th District, initially denied responsibility for setting the blaze after first responders found him asleep behind the wheel of his BMW X5 in the middle of his neighbor's front yard.

"Mr. McCoy, who suffered some second degree burns to his groin area as well as superficial injuries from a single vehicle collision with a maple tree, claimed that his seven-year-old daughter had started the fire by playing with matches," Fairfax Police Deputy Chief Frank Farely remarked. "A claim that was since been shown to be false."

"Upon being informed that his daughter couldn't have started the fire as she had been rescued from her undamaged upstairs bedroom, McCoy shifted the blame for the inferno to 'Mexicans'," Farely continued. "The Councilman then inquired whether any of the fireman had any beer."

As of press time, it has been determined that the fire originated from the McCoy's living room couch, where an inebriated Councilman McCoy fell asleep with a lit cigarette while watching pornography. Also, a new poll taken since the latest news of the fire shows the Councilman expanding his lead by two points over Democratic nominee Fay Kalady.

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