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Trump Voters Also Fuck Up Vote On Where To Go For Lunch

A group of Donald Trump voters fucked up a vote on where to go for lunch yesterday, the second election in a row they have helped screw up over the past six months, coworkers at NextWave Industrial Blinds in Darby, Pennsylvania say.

Planned to commemorate the fledgling company's first year anniversary, the lunch went terribly wrong after the contingent of Trump supporters voted unanimously in favor of celebrating the occasion at McNulty's Bar and Grill, a new but untested eatery recently opened in the old Sirens Gentleman's Club building near the airport.

"I knew it would suck. All the reviews of basically everyone who's been there and has a Yelp account say it sucks," one NextWave lunch-goer remarked. "It barely has two stars, and it sounds like some people might have actually died. Apparently there was an investigation."

According to a majority of those who attended the outing, the restaurant that advertises itself as being "Philly's best lunch spot" is in fact terrible.

"I couldn't decide between the 'World's Greatest Tuna Melt' and the 'Best Ever Caesar Salad', so I asked the waiter, but he just said they were both really, really terrific, so I went with the tuna, which was really, really bad, and made me terribly sick," commented NextWave employee Susan Myers.

Added Myers: "And the Caesar salad didn't look too good, either. Our IT guy got one and he isn't in today."

Still, despite the overwhelmingly negative response to McNulty's, many NextWave Trump voters continue to stand behind the restaurant.

"Best cheesesteaks on the planet," one Trump and McNulty's backer said, bringing a fist up to his mouth. "And the cheesecake in no way tasted like balls."

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