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Report: Virus Originated from Fauci-Hilary Sex Romp with Hybrid Wolf-Man

A shocking new investigation into the origins of COVID-19 has revealed that the deadly virus was in fact engendered by deviant sex acts perpetrated by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Hillary Clinton on a hybrid wolf-man late last year.

According to a source, Fauci engineered the creature for his and his left-wing counterparts' sexual recreation in a laboratory housed on Liberal Island, a remote atoll owned by billionaire George Soros.

"Fauci recombined all kinds of animals for their weird sex orgies. Koalas with elephants, leopard seals with anteaters, and an orangutan-octupus that served drinks. There was also a kangaroo-wolverine that nearly ripped Orlando Bloom's face off before trying to swim for shore, which is why you don't see him (Bloom) in movies anymore."

Elaborated the source: "The wolf-man actually had three heads for pleasuring three people at once, though it was only Clinton and Fauci that weekend as Soros was out of town and Anderson Cooper couldn't make it."

The source went on to add that both Fauci and Clinton knew exactly what they were doing as it pertained to triggering the Coronavirus pandemic.

"It was part of the plan all along," he or she said. "Indulge their perverted urges with these poor mis-creations while knowing that it would eventually beget a contagion they could all profit from. These people are truly sick."

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