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Game of Thrones Fans Spot Toyota Highlander in Episode 5

For the second-straight week, eagle-eyed fans of the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones have spotted something that doesn't quite fit the series' Middle Ages setting.

Appearing approximately 23 minutes into the eighth season's fifth episode, a Toyota Highlander Sport SE can be seen pulling into the background of a shot featuring Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, another flagrant anachronism for a production still trying to laugh off a similar gaffe after a Starbucks cup was left in a scene during last week's episode.

"What can I say? Looks like we blew it again," GOT Executive Producer D.B. Weiss admitted.

"Maybe they were there to meet Daenerys for lunch. Although I'd peg the Targaryen's as more of a RAV4 kind of family," Weiss added then, jokingly, alluding to the picnic the SUV's occupants proceeded to enjoy during the rest of the scene.

Equally chagrined by the show's latest goof, Director Alik Sakharov remarked that it was, "Just one of those things."

"It's surprising that I missed a car that took up nearly a quarter of my shot. Especially considering its classic yet sleek styling," Sakharov said.

"One things for certain, though. That family sure seemed to be enjoying their new Highlander," Sakharov added.

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