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NHL Sells Naming Rights to Divisions, Players

One day after selling the naming rights of its divisions to corporate sponsors, the NHL announced this morning that it has also auctioned the names of many of its star players to advertisers.

Among its first players to be re-branded, 2019-2020 goals-scored leader David Pastrnak will be officially known as Charles Shwab for the upcoming season, while Hart Trophy winner Leon Draisaitl has been re-named Oscar Meyer, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman revealed.

"It might take a little getting used to, but this is the future of sports," Bettman remarked. "I'm sure Charles and Oscar will be on board."

"It could be fun, actually," Bettman went on. "Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin's naming rights were purchased by Capital One through the 2024 season, while top rookie Cale Makar will be known this year as Alexion Pharmaceuticals."

The new sponsorship move hasn't been received as enthusiastically by some players however, as was highlighted today by an incident where Boston goalie Tuukka Rask punched a reporter for repeatedly addressed him by his new name 'Taco Bell'."

"Unfortunately Taco Bell hadn't been informed of the change beforehand, but I'm confident that he will embrace his delicious new moniker," Bettman said.

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